Du All Verden: A short presentation

Du All Verden AS
c.o. Knag
Myrarinden 8
E-mail: du@allverden.no
Phone: +47 53 50 20 08
Fax: +47 55 18 26 15

Our Name

The meaning of the expression Du All Verden symbolizes our ambition for quality and satisfaction of customers.

Present Activity

We develop web solutions and offer guidance, text writing, web design, and software development. We may take on other tasks if customers ask for it.

In addition to adapt the customer's own information to good solutions that satisfy the users, we also develop our own technology.

Current research and development includes:

Offering Browser-based Easy-to-use On-line Editing

Various demos based on our newly developed software will soon be made available to you on our web-site.

Our Competence

Our competence ranges in graduation studies and degrees from engineering to doctorate, covering mathematics, physics, geophysics, informatics, computer science, public administration, etc.

Professional experience from research, publication, programming, visualization for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, development-management for security systems, education, public executive etc.

We are able to undertake projects involving heavier programming, also including subjects as mathematics, physics, geophysics, and computer-graphics. We have various experience using different tools and programming languages: FORTRAN, Pascal, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, etc. We have experience on different platforms: UNIX/Linux, PC/Windows, Mac OS and others.

Our present focus of development is programming using Perl on the Linux platform mostly.

Our customers can appreciate our varied and solid knowledgeable background, reaching far beyond the making of web-solutions.

Choose us

We aim to offer high quality at attractive prices for our services. Please remember our strong focus on customers satisfaction. We hope that you will find our level of prices and competence sufficiently that you will dare to choose us.

Go for the next step?

It would be very nice if you tries to make some notes of what your needs or your objectives are. When you present us with these, it is easier for us to offer you guidance and ideas to polish your preparation, and to suggest solutions. Such interactions will often lead to improved understanding and ideas for solutions better suiting your needs.

We hope that this short presentation has sparked an interest in you, and that we shall have the pleasure of hearing from you. If you have an inquiry for our service of any kind, please call us by phone, fax, or e-mail.